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          English Language Classes & Courses in York | Study English in York | IELTS & ESOL Exams

          The Place to Learn English

          “At Melton College I have made new friends”- Elisa aged  15 from Germany

          "The teachers are friendly and the lessons are fun" - Lisa aged 12 from Germany

          504 Gateway Time-out

           Tim aged 12 from Germany

          “The teachers are nice and the lessons are very interesting”- Phillip aged 13 from Germany

          “The teachers are very friendly” - Maxime aged 17 from Italy

          "The teachers have helped me improved my English and I am more confident after my course" - Jose aged  13 from Spain

          "The teachers are very friendly and helpful" - Mariia aged 11 from Russia

          "Everybody is kind and very nice!" - Yozo, Gold Course from Japan

          Patrycja, General English from Poland

          "The teachers at Melton College are patient and help improve your English skills" - Sviatoslav, General English from Ukraine

          "I like Melton College because the teachers are great and I have improved my English a lot" - Maud, General English from France

          Miroslav aged 12 from Russia

          "I like the atmosphere at the College" -  Adeline aged 14 from Germany

          504 Gateway Time-out Rebecca aged 15 from Germany

          Kathrin aged 13 from Germany

          Zoe-Marie aged 12 from Germany

          Become a Host